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"Event Lighting: Create beauty and emotion with magical lighting effects."

Video footage and Photographs courtesy of JKM Productions and Cassandra Storm Photography

"A beautiful All-Inclusive Wedding
Venue in Lititz, PA"

Chapel Di Amore an all inclusive wedding venue

The Anniversary Heirloom:
"Start a family tradition to renew
your love on every anniversary."
The Anniversary Heirloom

"No Stress, No Compromises,
Just Perfect!"
The Perfect Wedding Partners

Creative and beautiful event lighting will transform an otherwise plain venue space into a magical space able to evoke moods
and emotions. You can only add event lighting packages in combination with our Wedding DJ or non-wedding DJ services.
We have invested heavily in the latest technologies to provide you with totally wireless and computer controlled LED
Up-Lighting, monogram spotlights and laser "dancing under the stars" effects. Being wireless, we have total flexibility to
place the lights where they look best, accenting architectural room features and adding color to head & cake tables.
Other benefits include the flexibility of changing the whole room color with the click of a mouse or adding special lighting
effects during your grand entrance! Also there are no unsightly wires taped to the floors.
Our lights will not trip circuit breakers because they are wireless! In case of a neighborhood power outage, our lighting
will not go out! Dance On A Cloud Special Effects: Our latest special effects equipment will let Brides & Grooms share their
first dance on a cloud! This is not a "fog machine" and will not rise in the air and set off fire alarms.
Our Wedding DJ services combined with Event Lighting and Photo Booth services can make a great impact upon the
success of your wedding reception and save you money using our package discounts!
Please view our beautiful pictures and imagine the possibilities.
Call to inquire about our great Pricing and Discount Specials!
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