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"Start a family tradition
to renew your love on every anniversary"

Video footage and Photographs courtesy of JKM Productions and Cassandra Storm Photography

"A beautiful All-Inclusive Wedding
Venue in Lititz, PA"

Chapel Di Amore an all inclusive wedding venue

The Anniversary Heirloom:
"Start a family tradition to renew
your love on every anniversary."
The Anniversary Heirloom

"No Stress, No Compromises,
Just Perfect!"
The Perfect Wedding Partners

The Anniversary Heirloom is a Chris Poje designed product that will give you a beautiful new tradition to be started during your
wedding ceremony and continued on each of your wedding anniversaries! This handmade heirloom is made here in Lancaster
County by gifted Mennonite Craftsmen according to our exclusive design. Start your own family tradition of remembering the
love you felt on your wedding day, each and every anniversary by handwriting a tender love letter to each other, sealing it with
the wax from your unity candle, and locking it in this beautiful piece of furniture, to be opened and read to each other on your
anniversary. Then you will add a new love letter to the box to be opened on the next anniversary. The box has two storage
compartments to hold a history of your love. The lock ensures your privacy so you can prominently display it in your home.
This heirloom is made to last generations. These beautiful pieces are made to order, one at a time, of solid cherry wood, with
highly polished finishes and hardware, dovetailed joinery, felt-lined interiors, and wood carved decoration.
This piece makes a great meaningful gift from the Bridal Party or parents, looking for a special gift that will impact the bride and
groom's relationship for years to come. Each Anniversary Heirloom comes with a written presentation to be read by the Officiate
to the guests at the wedding ceremony.
Please allow 8 weeks for your order to be delivered.
*We may have limited stock on hand for shorter timeframes.
Please call for current pricing and ordering details.
Chris Poje 717-917-1596
Chris Poje 717-917-1596